Monday, June 9, 2008

Very shameless self promotion

Here is a 9 song ep my band recorded a few weekends ago. It all went down in me and my drummer's living room over the course of a half hour. As you can tell by song titles/band name/etc, this is the most serious shit. Best enjoyed with three bong packs in a row cheap liquor and menthols

Clicky clicky

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mind expanding

Betong Hysteria (Concrete Hysteria) was one of the first Norwegian HC bands and they play mid-tempo HC with hoarse vocals and a lot of fuzz. This killer release clearly shows rage and angst against society and the system the way it should be done. The first track "Snuten Kommer" ("The Pigs Are Coming") is about the violent police, always showing up with their handy riot gear. "Du Er Et Ledd I" ("You're A Chain In The...") is filled with contempt against people being just another tool for the system. "Det Er Bare Løgn" ("It's All Just Lies"), well it is, isn't it? "Mitt Eget Liv" ("My Own Life"), the title says it all. "Sipoene Ser Deg" ("The Sipo Are Watching You") is about being watched by the government, here called the Sipo after the WW2 Nazi monitoring branch. You have to pay a lot of money if you want the original 7" but according to Flo of Heartfirst Records there is a legit re-release on the way. This news dates back to September 2001, and I still haven't seen any release though. There is however a lot of bootlegs floating about."
(from Kill from the Heart)

Betong Hysteria - Spontan Abort


The steam rises as the guitars grind out an echoing assault of streamlined abrasive action and raging speed. This is Bannlyst, an extreme thrash attack from Norway, with crushing vocal growls that melt in with the punching spurts. Slaughtering slices of brutal energy invades the senses as Bannlyst's La Dem Ikke Lure Deg EP outbreaks into a sonic raid of quick riffs and a boiling wrath of combustion. Comes with English translations of all lyrics, and a nice packaging effort. Bannlyst snap and growl in full exhilirating inertia on this excellent 7 song EP. Has an appeal for both crowds, it's fast and efficient! On X-Port Plater.
-Pushead for Puszone, May 1985)

Bannlyst - La Dem Ikke Lure Deg 7" (192kbps)

Punk belong to the punx

Don't really have too much info about these guys, besides they consisted of members of such Norwegian classics as Svart Framtid, Kafka Process, and Bannlyst (expect uploads from all three very soon), and that this was the last release from the very classic X-Port Plater label, which I believe was ran by a member of Svart Framtid. This record is definitely worth at least few listens. Sort of reminds me of some Italian records, like 'Into the Void', or 'Los Spirtio Continuo' (though much less manic in the vocal department).

So Much Hate - How We Feel (192kbps)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm in control

The band F - no one seems to have a credible justification for the name - was formed in 1982 and released their first 12-inch record You Are An E.P. a year later. Prior to its release, the band broke up into two bands - one punk rock and the other '70s-style heavy metal - with the same name and performing the same songs in their respective styles.
This miniscule controversy - as well as a number of childish and unfriendly pranks - brought the band to the attention of the South Florida scene. For an effect probably not half as comical as they thought at the time, the band adopted the newly minted straight edge pose, complete with Xs etc., while drinking heavily and behaving like spoiled, self-destructive, carnivorous swine.
Upon the pressing of 1,500 copies of this record in 1983, no less than 200 of the records were smashed with hammers and against walls by the band and attendees at the practice/show. Such was their idea of a punk rock record release party. Calling the police on their own shows was another party favorite, and they delighted in their last show in Fort Lauderdale where the police actually made arrests instead of the usual simple harrassment.
The band toured twice outside of Florida, both times with White Flag - althought their t-shirts and interviews indicated they had toured with the Ramones.
The band consisted of U.S. Ken "The Duke" Decter, John "John Galt" Golf Jr., Eddie Nothing and alternating drummers Ravenous "Mike Hasson" Gangrene and Pete Moss. Tim Swingle also played bass early on.
The Duke moved to California and played solo under that moniker and as guitar-man for the Ex-Idols. John is a financial planner in South Florida and Eddie (who also played for the Gay Cowboys in Bondage) is now a bill collecter in Tampa. Rav has not been heard of in some time, and Pete won't ever be again, as he died in mid-1997 while abusing some straight-edge heroin. (Rest in peace, Pete.)
[Note: Someone wrote to the website to say that this is incorrect; Pete Moss committed suicide in 1997]
In the early 1990s, the F-Boys appeared in South Florida, having no other connection with the band than their name. And then, following their example, F, The Band Formerly Known as the John Birch Society were born in Gainesville in 1994 and released a fine e.p. "Die You Stupid Hippies."

F - You Are An E.P. (VBR vinyl rip)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kill yourself, kill someone else

"Unique 1984 Cleveland hardcore release. More musically adept than most bands of the time, the album is very chromatic and dissonant, there's no shortage of odd time signatures and arrangements, and the drummer is amazing. There's sort of a proto black metal thing happening too, with lyrics inspired by Lovecraft, suicide, post-apocalyptic scenarios and the crumbling and abandoned industrial core of Cleveland, which was the band's playground. Some points of reference could be Void, early Christian Death or 45 Grave if they had a HC screamer, but more extreme and varied."

Spike In Vain - Disease is Relative (VBR)

Vinyl rip. Tracks aren't seperated because I'm lazy. Enjoy

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tomatos pollution Sopranos

Here's some old random New Jersey bullshit I downloaded. Some of it was released on good old Mutha Records.

Teenage Depression - Skank or Die 7"

Hey, buy this gnarly thrash record and find out everything these guys hate: anarchy punks, speed punks, Henry Rollins, frat boys, rabbits, moms, commies, Reagan, and probably themselves. However, they do love "Kate", the lucky girl. Music's pretty cool.
-Jeff Bale, from MRR, 1984

Send Help - You Don't Fit 7"

This is a real spiffy debut. "You Don't Fit" is a supercharged punk rock song with an irresistable chorus, "Suburbia" is a slow, sarcastic attack on middle-class superficiality, and "Sex With Sheep" is one of the year's best funnypunk efforts. Impressive all around.
-Jeff Bale, from MRR #10, 1983

Public Disturbance - s/t 12"

Public Disturbance have a somewhat incoherent stop/go semi-thrash style. The faster songs often sound thin and occasionally degenerate into mediocrity, but the band's slower material ("Caged", "Intro" and "Russel's Ramp") sticks in your head. Overall, though, this release seems a bit premature; these guys need to develop more.
-Jeff Bale, from MRR #10

Fatal Rage - s/t 12"

New Jersey hardcore punk at its best, in my eyes the best Mutha release. Catchy and melodic, still rough and wild; production is a bit weak, though. [9] (TK)
- FLEX! discography

Sacred Denial - Life's Been Getting To Me lp; Extra Strength Tylenol lp

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All power to the freaky children of Northhampton

Suburban boredom in the early 1980s was the catalyst for every good thing in the world today (like Ritalin). It inspired bright small town kids with overactive brains like the RUSSIAN MEATSQUATS to create some of the greatest unassuming and unpretensious freakshow hardcore ever made.

These kids had too much bad hair and too much time on their hands. But luckily the Lehigh Valley in eastern pennsylvania has always been blessed with lots of outlets for destructive/creative kids; like dog clippers & community radio courtesy of Lehigh University and Muhlenburg College (back then, the college kids were way too square to be playing anything other than REM or some shit, forget about hardcore or anything very underground. The vast majority of the cool shows were run by 15 to 18 year old high school locals from the community summer staffs). They had way too many weird things on their minds too. Cossack dances! Socks on heads! Chunk lisps! Kev drives! Artfag no wave records! DEVOlution! Gay Slang! Local Retards That Every Small Town Has (like Mice and Men)! Girls! Boys! Or simply how boring life was unless you did something un-boring.
- Kill from the Heart

Russian Meatsquats - Let's Hang Out! (160 kbps)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Best DC hardcore band

Pretty much everything you need to know about UNITED MUTATION.

United Mutation - s/t(discography on Lost & Found; VBR)

United Mutation - Rainbow Person 7"(not on discography cd; 192 kbps)

The last track off Fugitive Family 7", not on the discography cd for who knows what reason.


The Dicks, a Commie Faggot Band, emerged during the halcyon days of Austin, Texas punk. The scene centered around the local dive bar Raul's frequented by local freaks, artists, and soon-to-be punk rockers. The band was the creation of Gary Floyd, a 26 year old from Palestine, Texas who had been a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and was openly, flamboyantly gay. Although he was advertising the Dicks before they were even an actual band, Floyd soon joined forces with three "terrorist thugs" to complete the group: guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot, and drummer Pat Deason. They started writing burly, blues-drenched punk anthems and began playing raucous, shows with local heroes the Big Boys. Unlike that band's funk-infused, high-production value drag show, the Dicks opted for a cruder but still spectacular approach. Gary Floyd would assault the audience with chocolate frosting pulled from his panties, inviting any rowdy audience members to suck his dick.

The band's first single, the masterful Dicks Hate the Police was dropped onto the world in 1980 on MDC's R Radical label. The title track to this EP is unlike anything else before or after - a total powerhouse of a song. The B-side found the band playing faster and harder than most other U.S. punk bands at the time. Like most of their Texas peers, the Dicks had a sound that didn't fit any one mold or genre. Sometimes punk, hardcore, blues, or free-form ranting, they were always playing music on the edge of insanity. Their next record is one of the ultimate documents of Texas punk - a split live LP with the Big Boys recorded at Raul's. While the Big Boys don't sound as great as their studio material, the Dicks really explode off the vinyl with a ripping live set that captures both the great songwriting and amazing energy they brought to the table.

Having caught the attention of punk producer Spot, the Dicks recorded their first full length for SST. Kill from the Heart finds the Dicks' blues punk attacking conservatism and especially racism with unbridled fury. In 1982, before the album came out, Gary and the Dicks moved to San Francisco, followed by MDC and DRI who took up with them at a squatted beer plant known as the Vats. Along with their new neighbors Crucifix and Michigan's the Crucifucks, they embarked on the 1983 Rock Against Reagan tour: an exhausting 3 month extravaganza organized by the Yippies. The tour took a lot out of the band, and after its completion only Gary returned to the city by the bay. There he reformed the band with three new musicians: drummer Lynn Perko, guitarist Tim Carroll, and bassist Sebastian Fuchs.

This line-up recorded the PEACE? EP, a concept single attacking the injustices of war. While the record is powerful, especially the scorching "I Hope you Get Drafted," it also demonstrated the cleaner, more rocking direction that the new band was taking. 1985's These People LP, released on Alternative Tentacles, showcased a Dicks who were severing ties with "punk" sounds to play more straightforward, longer bluesy rock songs. Nonplused by the reaction from punk audiences ("play faster!"), Gary decided to end the Dicks in 1986. He and Lynn Perko started Sister Double Happiness, who recorded for SST. Gary later went solo and has a new project called Black Kali Ma on A.T. Glen Taylor, unfortunately, passed away. Alternative Tentacles has reissued a collection CD of Dicks material that is a good starting point, and bootlegs of the LP (good quality) and first 7" (bad quality) aren't too hard to come by. Go get them now.

The Dicks - Hate the Police (192 kbps)

The Dicks - Kill from the Heart (320 kbps)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fuck authority

"Raw Power was started in 1981 in Poviglio, Italy, by brothers Mauro and Giuseppe Codeluppi (the singer and guitarist). They released their first LP You Are The Victim in 1984, on Meccano Records, a tiny Italian indy label whose sketchy business practices resulted in almost no copies of the record ever surfacing. Unhappy with the flat production and about to undergo a line-up change, Raw Power didn't rerelease this now ultra-rare collector's item until 2002. The band gained more acclaim from earlier cassette releases on the American BCT label, like 1983's Brown Studio Demos and the recently reissued Last White Xmas tape. At this point Mauro shared vocal duties with a maniac named Silvio, who produced some of the most shredding, shreiking screams imaginable. Their anthem "Fuck Authority," with Silvio's caterwauling vox and drummer Helder's trademark cow-bell fills, was featured on Maximum Rock'n'roll's Welcome to 1984 compilation LP. The song was a high point in an amazing line-up of international hardcore powerhouses. By now Raw Power was established as a mighty force in the world of punk, and won the attention of another US label: Arizona's Toxic Shock. When the band set out on its first U.S. tour in 1984, they arranged to record a second LP with Zero Boy Paul Mahern in Indiana.

By this time Silvio's voice had been decimated by his insane vocal style. When he had to stay home for tour, his vocal parts were imitated by lead guitarist Davide, who did a pretty damn good job. The Screams from the Gutter LP was released in 1985, a time when US hardcore was beginning to lose its direction. Short-sighted Americans who only paid attention to their own country often cite this time as the "death" of hardcore. One listen to Screams from the Gutter should put that idea to rest. Many would classify Raw Power as "crossover" hardcore because they employ heavy riffing and wanky solos in many of the songs, but their ferocity defied any generic label. Whether or not they were named for the Stooges album, Raw Power had as much to do with the ultra-high-energy of the Detroit rock sound as they did with contemporary heavy metal. That equation would start falling towards the metal side as time went on. 1985's Wop Hour EP and 1986's After Your Brain LP, both on Toxic Shock, were more metallic rock records but were still obviously Raw Power."

Raw Power - Burning The Factory ('83 demo and live tracks); Wop Hour 7"; After Your Brain

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Born to built to grind

"The Stupids, from Ipswich, England, formed in 1984 and played some blazingly fast US-influenced (particularly Boston style à la Gang Green) hardcore punk/thrash in a time and place that was mostly filled with crusty metal punk, UK82, and anarcho punk. Along with fellow UK bands like A.O.A., Heresy (whom they toured with), and Ripcord (whom they also toured with), The Stupids took US hardcore to a new level, making it faster and more intense. But where other such bands had mainly poignant and political lyrics, the Stupids wrote silly, less serious lyrics about such things as an elephant man, love (jokingly of course), hating everyone, hating new wave, skateboarding, and more.

The band, whose "core" lineup featured Tommy Stupid on drums and vocals, Wolfie Retard on bass and vocals, and Marty Tuff on guitar, recorded and released a demo tape in 1984 that they called "Leave Your Ears Behind." The band was picked up by UK label Children of the Revolution, who put out the Violent Nun EP (consisting of tracks from the demo) and the Peruvian Vacation LP in 1985. While preparing for their next LP, the band lost Wolfie on bass and acquired Ed Shred (who would later move to guitar). Retard Picnic came out in 1986, whereby The Stupids were signed by Vinyl Solutions.

The next two years saw The Stupids play shows around Europe and tour the United States and Australia. Their lineup was less stable, though, but always included Tommy Stupid on drums and vocals. The Stupids released several records on Vinyl Solutions, culminating with 1987's Jesus Meets The Stupids LP. The band was big those days, appearing on the covers of NME and SOUNDS and recording two sessions for John Peel (compiled on a 12").

After the Stupids broke up, Tommy Stupid went on to drum in That's It, with the Stern brothers (of Youth Brigade) - a very rock affair. Ed Shred formed Sink and even later on Chocolate, who were more pop-punk. He now plays in K-Line (who alledgedly sound like Dag Nasty, Rites of Spring and a hint of indie). Nowadays Tommy Stupid (or Tom Withers as he is really called) is a famous drum'n'bass artist "Klute" and as far removed musically from the hardcore punk music as you can be. (But then again, in his music mentality he is still very "core". If you're open minded, check him out!)"

The Stupids - Violent Nun 7"; Peruvian Vacation LP

Jah bless

Here's a random mix of bands from across Europe. Accidental overdosage of Italian crap, but hey, its good, whatever.

Chaoz Z - Ohne Gnade

Contrazione - Cine Occhio 12"

Raw Power - You Are The Victim; Screams from the Gutter

Putrid Fever - Do You Remember

High Circle - s/t 7"

HIC Systeemi - Slut

Impact - Solo Odio

Negazione - ...Los Spirito Continua...

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Into the Void

5° Braccio - Vanchiglia (demo)

Appendix - Ei Raha oo Mun Valuuttaa; Top of the Pops (Ei Raha... was later rereleased on Rock-O-Rama as 'Money Is Not My Currency')

Indigesti - Osservati Dall'inganno