Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kill yourself, kill someone else

"Unique 1984 Cleveland hardcore release. More musically adept than most bands of the time, the album is very chromatic and dissonant, there's no shortage of odd time signatures and arrangements, and the drummer is amazing. There's sort of a proto black metal thing happening too, with lyrics inspired by Lovecraft, suicide, post-apocalyptic scenarios and the crumbling and abandoned industrial core of Cleveland, which was the band's playground. Some points of reference could be Void, early Christian Death or 45 Grave if they had a HC screamer, but more extreme and varied."

Spike In Vain - Disease is Relative (VBR)

Vinyl rip. Tracks aren't seperated because I'm lazy. Enjoy


bernard said...

sounds interesting,give this a proper blast later sounds cool so far nice post

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom said...

Any chance you can post a song list? I can't find one anywhere on the web. Thanks.

Geoff said...

Here are the tracks:

Side A:
1. Prelude/Ghetto Songs
2. A Means to an End
3. God on Drugs
4. Dear Departed
5. No Name
6. E.K.G.

Side B:
1. Children in the Subway
2. Disorder
3. Dioxin
4. Hamlet's Dilemma
5. I Don't Need You
6. Just a Puppet
7. O Plus

Jeff said...

The last song is called Opus, by the way, not "O Plus".

This band recorded but did not release two further albums worth of material. Unfortunately they got bitten by the Birthday Party/Gun Club bug and what I've heard of those albums shows the influence of these other bands way more than their own unique style shown here. Robert Griffin from this band went on to form Scat Records (which is currently selling original pressing copies of this LP as well) and the band Prisonshake. He currently lives in St.Louis MO.