Monday, May 19, 2008

Mind expanding

Betong Hysteria (Concrete Hysteria) was one of the first Norwegian HC bands and they play mid-tempo HC with hoarse vocals and a lot of fuzz. This killer release clearly shows rage and angst against society and the system the way it should be done. The first track "Snuten Kommer" ("The Pigs Are Coming") is about the violent police, always showing up with their handy riot gear. "Du Er Et Ledd I" ("You're A Chain In The...") is filled with contempt against people being just another tool for the system. "Det Er Bare Løgn" ("It's All Just Lies"), well it is, isn't it? "Mitt Eget Liv" ("My Own Life"), the title says it all. "Sipoene Ser Deg" ("The Sipo Are Watching You") is about being watched by the government, here called the Sipo after the WW2 Nazi monitoring branch. You have to pay a lot of money if you want the original 7" but according to Flo of Heartfirst Records there is a legit re-release on the way. This news dates back to September 2001, and I still haven't seen any release though. There is however a lot of bootlegs floating about."
(from Kill from the Heart)

Betong Hysteria - Spontan Abort

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